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Yeah, so this was my favourite scene. <3

She’s my sister. My younger sister. I thought she was dead.


Did anyone else see Danny looking at Stiles after he dropping the XXL condom like ‘damn boy’? 

“Yeah, if you want me to come.” — Stiles to Derek (via disseria)

Teen Wolf Kinks



  • Episode One: Marking
  • Episode Two: Fisting

with bonus temperature play



You know, Stiles seems pretty comfortable around Peter for a dude he supposedly hasn’t been truly alone and face-to-face with since Peter kidnapped him. He even held his phone steady when his wrist was merely inches away from Peter’s face. The last time his wrist was near Peter’s face, Peter had his teeth extended. Perhaps this could tie in well with the theory that Stiles has been working behind the scenes with Derek, Isaac, and Peter, or any variation of those three, over the summer. Not only that, but Stiles seemed awfully comfortable with Derek as well, grabbing him like that. And then Derek looked at Peter like, “this again?”, like it was something they had already seen before, or something they’d already went through; Peter, with fond exasperation, and Derek with mild annoyance. 

I don’t see how Stiles wouldn’t even be somewhat fearful of being alone in a room with Peter. When Peter starts to insult him and then stops, Stiles is like, ‘No, no, keep going, Peter, what were you going to say?’ Almost like it was something that had happened before, an easy teasing they’ve settled into.


The worst part is how I always end up squinting at the TV, thinking, Is this incredible characterization hinting at developments we haven’t yet been clued in about, or is this the actual worst characterization because they’re just not trying hard enough?

you little slut.


I read so many Sterek fics I forget they aren’t together